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HAC’ing into New Business

SeKON Top Gunners Darren Collins, Marcia Seabrooks, Roberto Lima, Marcel Anthony, and Ramakrishnan ‘Rama’ Parameswaran, and Antonnete Namai

HAC’ing into New Business

In late May, a team of five SeKON cybersecurity experts (nicknamed the Top Gunners) endured an 80-minute virtual oral presentation where they fielded questions from a U.S. Government technical representative. Two days later, we received word: they successfully represented SeKON, helping earn us the General Services Administration (GSA) Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services (HACS) Special Item Number (SIN). SeKON can now add this SIN to its other recent contract award, the GSA Professional Support Services (PSS) SIN (awarded in April 2021) and its existing IT and HealthIT SINs.

So why is adding the GSA HACS SIN important? This contract win allows SeKON to pursue new opportunities in cybersecurity – a government area that is forecasted to grow to over $11.5 Billion by 2023. Only vendors with the appropriate SIN on their GSA contract can see the opportunities released through the GSA.

The process of earning the GSA HACS SIN was arduous. We had meetings for several months with an outside consultant, BD representatives, and our pricing, contracts, and recruitment team. We had to illustrate, through a detailed narrative, that SeKON excels in cybersecurity. We also had to provide past performance to support this experience. Finally, the GSA required a pricing schedule. Once we submitted – and passed – this first hurdle, we were scheduled for our oral presentations. The Top Gunners – consisting of Darren Collins, Marcia Seabrooks, Roberto Lima, Marcel Anthony, and Ramakrishnan ‘Rama’ Parameswaran (and pinch-hitter Antonnete Namai) – held weekly preparatory meetings, covering the fine details of cybersecurity.

All the hard work paid off and now it falls back to BD to pursue and win SeKON’s piece of that $11.5B in cybersecurity.