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Unsung Heroes SAMHSA Team


SeKON’s outstanding accomplishments, as showcased in the recent CPARS evaluation for SAMHSA and reinforced by high ratings from the Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR), solidify its position as a standout in the industry. Boasting a flawless 100% success rate in deployments, SeKON not only excels in the management of website content and superior design decisions across diverse technologies but also demonstrates a proactive approach to quality management, effectively minimizing risks.

The meticulous management of schedules, from roadmap planning to daily agile stand-up calls, ensures the timely delivery of projects, often ahead of schedule. This precision is complemented by robust collaboration, adherence to standard operating procedures, and effective communication mechanisms, all of which play a crucial role in consistently meeting deadlines and adhering to planned schedules.

The company’s success is further highlighted by seamless collaboration among program managers, analysts, and team leads, ensuring not only control of daily business items but also effective management of priorities. The dedication to planning and agile methodologies remains a critical factor in SeKON’s success at both higher and lower organizational levels.

Recognizing these outstanding achievements, the Unsung Hero section rightfully acknowledges the remarkable contributions of the SeKON Team. The COR’s unprecedented feedback further reinforces this recognition, stating, “SeKON is a great vendor committed to success and always working on more improvements. The best team I ever worked with.” Such commendations, coupled with a strong recommendation for future requirements, firmly establish SeKON’s standing as an industry leader dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of excellence.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication!