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Farewell to Skyline!

Group photo of the BOPMSS team.

Farewell to Skyline!

Our BOPMSS team has been active and engaged in various activities over the past couple of months. We were fortunate to have the opportunity to gather in person on April 26th with our CBIS customers, colleagues, former colleagues, and friends at the farewell ceremony and closure of the DHA government space in the Skyline Towers in Falls Church. It was a bittersweet event, considering the decades of work performed in those offices in support of the military health mission, benefiting so many of our armed forces throughout the years.

However, we wholeheartedly embrace the government’s decision to transition to a hybrid remote workforce, and we are excited about the continued flexibility and improved work-life balance this provides our team.

The event was attended by Brittany Watson-Kosa, Marrisa Rogers, and Brian Pariroo from Headquarters (HQ), as well as Scherief Butler from the program, among others.  We missed Patty Barham, who couldn’t attend, but her presence was felt as she was featured in almost every picture brought down into the courtyard from the old Skyline hallways and conference rooms.