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Workforce 3.0 World Tour

Entrance to Meiji Jingu Shrine

Workforce 3.0 World Tour

Bill Illis and Robert Carter embarked on a mission to fortify our overseas support system, particularly for the upcoming final deployments of MHS Genesis in our OCONUS sites. Their primary aim in Japan was to engage with the site staff at the 374th Medical Group at Yokota Air Base, U.S. Naval Hospital Yokosuka, and MCAS Iwakuni to provide information, and to analyze each sites technical readiness for their upcoming wave deployment. Some key checks included validating that iAccess was working properly and providing teams an enrollment workstation for enrollment of iAccess users. Additionally, the team supported network Line of Sight testing that was remaining and ensured that all other Cerner Garrison 2 products (Fetalink, Cerner Connectivity Engine, CCE Terminal Servers, and Status Boards) were operation.

This trip was one of many being conducted throughout 2023. During April/May there was an effort to facilitate engagements with staff at RAF Lakenheath (United Kingdom), Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (Germany), US Naval Hospital Naples (Italy), US Naval Hospital Sigonella (Italy), and US Naval Hospital Rota (Spain).  Additional Pacific Trips were conducted by non-WF3.0 staff but ultimately the mission remains the same. Provide information, gather information, and ensure readiness for the final four waves for MHS Genesis Deployments in both Europe and in the Pacific.

These insights are shaping our go-live plans for both Europe and the Pacific as we gear up for upcoming onsite dates to support go-live in Europe (September 16th to October 1) and Pacific (October 20th to November 4th).

However, nature had its say. Typhoon LAN delayed our travel, leading to an unforeseen 17-hour journey on the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Hiroshima.

Cultural Immersions and Team Building:
While technical readiness was the primary focus there were some opportunities to visit some cultural and historic places in Japan. In Tokyo, we were able to spend some time enjoying Japanese Cuisine, including an “All you can eat” A5 Wagyu Steak Dinner, and many Michelin Star Ramen joints throughout the city. *Fun Fact: Tokyo is home to more Michelin star restaurants than any other place in the world*. Also, we visited the Meiji Jingu Shine, a Shinto Shrine dedicated to the souls of Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken. Also, we found time to visit the Eastern Garden of the Imperial Palace in Toyko. While we couldn’t visit the palace itself, we could see the size and scope of the grounds and its massive mote that surrounds the palace.

During our visit we were hampered by the weather, and Typhoon LAN made landfall a few hundred miles to the West of Tokyo. While we experienced mostly rain and hot steamy weather, the following day we were impacted significantly as we attempted to take a 4-hour journey to Hiroshima, which turned into 17 hours due to rain, and residual effects of the Typhoon. However, once in Hiroshima we were able to visit Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and Museum for a somber visit almost 78 years to the day World War II ended.

Through these trips, we not only support our technical endeavors but also enrich our global understanding and has us looking forward to not only coming back to Japan to visit its rich culture, but also support other OCONUS sites this fall.

Key dates for upcoming OCONUS Wave Go-Lives:

  • European Waves: Set for September 23, 2023, this wave will encompass Aviano AB (Italy), Incirlik AB (Turkey), Landstuhl RMC (Germany), MEDDAC-Bavaria (Germany), Ramstein AB (Germany), Spangdahlem AB (Germany), Naval Hospital Sigonella (Italy), Naval Hospital Rota (Spain), RAF Lakenheath (United Kingdom), Naval Hospital Naples (Italy), Fort Buchanan (Puerto Rico), and Naval Hospital Guantanamo Bay (Cuba).
  • Pacific Waves: Scheduled for October 28, 2023, locations include Andersen AB (Guam), Naval Hospital Guam (Guam), Camp Humphreys (South Korea), Kunsan AB (South Korea), Osan AB (South Korea), Camp Zama (Japan), Kadena AB (Okinawa-Japan), Misawa AB (Japan), Naval Hospital Okinawa (Okinawa-Japan), Naval Hospital Yokosuka (Japan), and Yokota AB (Japan).