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Buzzing like neon! DHITS 2023

SeKON staff wearing matching neon blazers in front of DHITS display.

Buzzing like neon! DHITS 2023

SeKON Staff standing in front of DHITS display.

In the heart of the bayou, amidst the soulful tunes of jazz and the mouthwatering aroma of Creole cuisine, the 2023 Defense Health Information Technology Symposium (DHITS) in New Orleans was more than just another industry event—it was a convergence of visionaries, innovators, and advocates all united under one banner: Pursuing Enterprise Standardization.

This year, SeKON proudly took its place among industry partners, with a striking showroom exhibit booth. The SeKON booth was buzzing like neon – the colorful theme, and energetic vibe stood out from the competition and echoed through the symposium hall.

With our hallmark enthusiasm and a compelling vision of “building a healthier future together,” we showcased our dedication to advancing healthcare solutions and technologies. Darren Collins, CTO, and Siva Rangarajan, Systems Architect for CDC DHAP, demonstrated the ONPACE solution, a 15-20 minute interactive, web-based counseling intervention that supplements existing clinical care services resulting in improved clinical outcomes for patients.

During the demo for SeKON’s ONPACE patient engagement solution, Siva noted that many of the participants “were very impressed with ONPACE and expressed great interest in following-up with SeKON to explore possible opportunities.”

This was Siva’s first year attending DHITS, for him it was ‘an enriching experience… [meeting] with Military health professionals, industry partners, and government leaders who showed great interest in services SeKON provides in Health IT.’

Heideh Shadmand attended the Cyber presentation by Ms. Yvette Simon and the EHRM session presented by Ms. Joers, Mr. Tinston.

  • SeKON staff posing in front of SeKON's DHITS display.The Cyber session was reflective of all the challenges they are facing in the assessment activities of new and legacy applications. The coordination work between the government Cyber and the third-party vendor created an environment that had a slight impact on a timely completion of Cyber team’s assessment activities. Ms. Simon explained the process in which Cyber uses in all their evaluation and reminded the participants that the Cyber efforts are spread across various programs such as the FEHRM and DHMSM.
  • Ms. Joers session provided a clear picture of deployment schedule and the fact that they have completed the deployment of MHS GENESIS for all the U.S. Military Treatment Facility (MTFs). The first overseas site as was communicated during the session is slated for September 30, 2023 in Landstuhl (Army) Germany and Laken heath (Air Force) London. They are not anticipating any showstopper at this point, they are leveraging Lessons Learned from previous deployments and marching forward with their overseas deployment.
  • SeKON staff posing with DHITS badges and wearing neon sunglasses.Mr. Tinston (FEHRM Director) reminded everyone that the overall U.S. deployment is complete with the exception of North Chicago Federal Health Care Clinic (FHCC). This site a unique patient demographic and will need a special deployment strategy. It is unique in a sense that the clinic provides care for both DoD and VA patients and their family members. A patient at this facility can see either a VA or a DoD provider to receive care. The challenges are not limited to data migration, provisioning of same name for providers, collaboration of ancillary orders initiating and resulting process, identifying Patient Care Location (PCL) and continuing care for patients who are currently assigned a Primary Care Provider (PCP) and or a Primary Care Manager (PCM) among a few challenges that the current Joint Sharing Sites (JSS) FHCC is working on ahead of scheduled March 9, 2024 deployment. Mr. Tinston also communicated the FEHRM’s successful effort in on boarding of other federal health organizations such as, NOAA, USCG onto MHS GENESIS and FEHRM’s support of them while they go live with MHS GENESIS for their respective organization.

The SeKON DHITS team departed New Orleans with a collective determination to shape the future of defense health. SeKON remains steadfast in our mission to build a healthier future together, and we look forward to the exciting opportunities and collaborations that lie ahead.