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Unsung Hero: Allison Bradbury

Allison Bradbury

Unsung Hero: Allison Bradbury

When it comes to describing this Unsung Hero, there are so many superlatives to mention that it would take a novel to cover them all. For this article, we will mention a few that we have observed during Allison Bradbury’s time with us at SeKON since 2018.

Allison works with us as a Webmaster on the SAMHSA team, she was recently named Corporate Quality Manager and she leads the Young Professionals affinity group on our Diversity and Social Action Committee.

As the SAMHSA Webmaster and part of the SAMHSA Content Support team, Allison has contributed to the successful execution of over 6,000 web page updates and crafting the response to thousands of public emails sent to the SAMHSA Webmaster. Organizing the Webmaster email, documenting detailed SOPs, and tracking POCs are just a few of her responsibilities. Allison and the Content Support team have received many kudos and continue to receive the highest praise from the SAMHSA COR. Allison provides a rapid response to customer inquiries and immediately alerts the content team via Slack when urgent requests roll in. She has great attention to detail when sifting through documents for content update requests, which are not always as clear as they could be. Allison is a multitasker; updating SOPs in real-time while the SAMHSA COR is mentioning them in our content meetings or immediately sending out emails to respond to customers right after the SAMHSA COR mentions them, before the meeting has even ended.

You may be wondering how and why she has so many roles. Well, that brings us back to superlatives and why she is our Unsung Hero. Allison is very GIVING of her time and energy. When the need arose for content and leadership on our Diversity and Social Action Committee, Allison stepped up and led an affinity group. For our recent ISO-9001 Certification, we needed someone SMART and detail oriented to drive the process; Allison stepped up again. Personally, she is a PASSIONATE and CARING advocate for the environment, social justice, and her fellow performers affected by the loss of work during the pandemic. Oh yeah, she is a super TALENTED triple threat performer, too.

Thank you, Allison, for all that you do for SeKON.