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Supporting the CDC in the Global Pandemic

CDC COVID19 website

Supporting the CDC in the Global Pandemic

SeKON is on the front lines of the COVID-19 response maintaining the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) COVID-19 website. The COVID-19 emergency response is history in the making. SeKON is honored to support CDC in protecting people from a global health threat. Typical traffic to CDC’s main website is 3.5 million views daily, or nearly 100 million per month. This is the single most visited source for COVID-19 guidance including US and foreign citizens, as well as healthcare providers and public health workers.

Our team has been working 24/7 to provide web development (in English and Spanish), social media management, clearance coordination, graphics design, web and social metrics, reporting, administrative and various other communication efforts. The team is also focused on user experience, as well as developing new resources for our CDC customer. They are currently busy adding webpages for COVD-19 vaccine information.

“I am so pleased with our teams’ willingness to jump in and support the CDC’s mission. Nights, weekends, unexpected workload – everyone comes together. The COVID-19 response effort is rapidly evolving, and we will continue to work through changes in need and efforts. It’s truly a privilege to support these efforts and know that our capabilities are helping CDC solve tough problems,” said Karen Ramlall-Abbott, manager of the web team responsible for the COVID-19 site.

SeKON extends HUGE KUDO’S to our team:  Karen Ramlall-Abbott – Project Manager, Adriana Welborn – Deputy, Mary Beth Byram, Richard Eisenbart, Arissa Hendricks, Shanika Thomas, Rob Wicker, Aldrick Williams, Carol Kilpatrick, David Rosenberg, George (Buddy) Loughlin as well as our Northrop Grumman staff on the project.

Check out the CDC COVID-19 website at