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SeKON’s Unwavering Commitment: Pivotal Support for MHS GENESIS EHR Worldwide Implementation

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SeKON’s Unwavering Commitment: Pivotal Support for MHS GENESIS EHR Worldwide Implementation

For the past eight years, SeKON has been a steadfast partner in delivering program office engineering, cybersecurity, architecture, and configuration management expertise in support of the Department of Defense’s MHS GENESIS electronic health record implementation. Their commitment extends beyond the contiguous United States, reaching DoD healthcare locations worldwide. Notably, with the recent addition of over 9,000 healthcare providers during go-lives in the United Kingdom, Europe,

Puerto Rico, and Cuba, SeKON’s contribution to the MHS GENESIS EHR implementation remains crucial. This steadfast support ensures that DoD healthcare practitioners have access to up-to-datehealth records for all service members and their dependents.

SeKON takes immense pride in its role as a vital team member in this historic deployment, covering more than 3,500 DoD medical treatment facilities and clinics. The SeKON team continues to deliver indispensable deployment support, with their entire team actively engaged. William Illis, SeKON’s Champion for Infrastructure Management, underlines their hands-on approach, stating, “We are on the ground at the DoD healthcare locations, conducting vital site-readiness assessments and providing essential technical go-live support. Our commitment knows no bounds; we’ve traveled worldwide to ensure each facility is primed for its inaugural use of the system.”

SeKON’s dedication is unwavering, aligning their capabilities with the evolving needs of their customers to guarantee the successful implementation of the MHS GENESIS electronic health record. Their enduring commitment continues to play a pivotal role in advancing healthcare services within the Department of Defense.