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SeKON Enterprise, Inc. continues critical support of CDC’s OADC COVID Web Services contract

SeKON Enterprise, Inc. continues critical support of CDC’s OADC COVID Web Services contract

SeKON announced the continuation of our support of CDC’s Office of the Associate Director for Communication (OADC) Digital Media Branch (DMB) COVID Web Services and the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD). The SeKON Team  provides continuous development, improvement, innovation, and on-going support of the COVID-19 website.   Our support of the COVID-19 website includes maintaining the 24×7 operations at the speed needed to keep the public informed of critical information, communications, and data through the usability, testing, and system architecture support critical to supporting CDC’s mission in the prevention, containment and surveillance of pandemics, and diseases.

“SeKON has been supporting this critical program since August 2020. We are acutely aware of CDC’s critical position in the prevention and surveillance of this global pandemic and importance in maximizing access and delivery of content and guidance to the public. We and our partners are grateful for the opportunity to continue our critical 24×7 service and support to CDC and OADC”, said Dr. Angela Wilson, CEO and President of SeKON.

About SeKON:
Established in 1996 by Dr. Angela Wilson, SeKON Enterprise, Inc. is a Woman-owned, privately held firm focused on advancing Health IT to improve our customer’s mission outcomes.  We believe in the power of data and digital transformation to accelerate the realization of health outcomes affecting our customer’s organizations and citizens around the world.  We are based in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area with a substantive office in Atlanta, Georgia, in service of CDC. For 25 years, we have delivered our clients value by applying emerging technology with innovative techniques while delivering excellence, and transparency, in  collaborative engagements. We have a proven record of helping our clients achieve their mission goals through dedicated partnership, innovative problem solving, thought leadership, and quantifiable benefits by engaging the best resources available. We are committed to solving problems that matter, achieving mission goals, and making a measurable impact on organizations and the stake holders they serve through the convergence of the right talent, tools, and processes.

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