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CDC Taking Control

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CDC Taking Control

CDC team continues to be at the forefront of the effort to provide COVID information to the pubic. However, behind the scenes, the team is also innovative in how they work, and the pandemic has not kept the SeKON CDC team members from pursuing their mission of delivering unwavering support to their CDC customers. Shirley Arvey (SeKON CDC Portfolio Manager) and her team have implemented the following creative ways maintain collaboration despite the challenges presented by COVID: 

  1. A creative member of the CDC Atlanta COVID team took it upon himself to create an effective training tool in the form of a jeopardy game. His goal was to create a collaborative tool his team could leverage to ensure they remained current on frequently changing SOPs, and technical requirements to be published on COVID’s website. The game is still being used as a creative way for the team to participate in training exercises while building team morale. 

  2. Another creative way was initiated by Shirley herself. Utilizing her weekly Team Lead meetings, Shirley collaborated with her Team Leads to begin leveraging existing skilled resources across her various CDC Projects. The collaboration resulted in the leads being able to effectively communicate and plan the sharing of existing skilled resources to quickly address unexpected surges or temporary project needs. 

  3. And finally, the CDC Atlanta PRSWeb team utilizes SharePoint as an effective communication and collaboration tool for working remotely with their CDC customers. Leveraging this shared database and its automated email notification features provides benefits to both teams because of the real-time communication and awareness it brings each time there is a status change for active work requests.