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Our vision was to become a premier business strategy and consulting professional services firm to federal government agencies. A trusted advisor to defense and civilian agencies in operational and workforce achievements utilizing lean and agile thinking, coupled with fanatical customer service, to support mission-focused modernization efforts.

Cyber Security

Data Loss Prevention

Unified Threat Management

Certification & Accreditation

Authority to Operate

Risk Management Framework (RMF) / Vulnerability

Information System Security Officer / Engineer

Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation

Medical Device Management

Network Support

SeKON provides agencies with a clear path to leveraging cyber security services that align with not only program, but also business and agency objectives. We are a smart team of hardworking strategists who happen to also be very skilled technologists. We are passionate about using innovative solutions to drive longer-term impact cyber security policies to prevent interruption or exploitation of program services.

Predictive Analytics

Health Synthetic Data

Digital Health


Data Governance

Business Intelligence / Decision Support

Data Analytics / Visualization

Data Management / Modernization

Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL)

Data Mining, Analysis, Integration, and Reporting

Synthetic Data Development

SeKON has demonstrated its data intelligence experience and skills in delivering IT solutions to help leadership achieve their goals–from implementing an overall governance framework, establishing a project management office, developing strategic plans and providing a modernized IT environment. We help your team drive value and protect its federal IT investments.

Data Intelligence

Enterprise Solutions

Mobile App Development / Delivery

Enterprise Architecture & Systems Engineering

Device Management

Software Development

Configuration Management

Infrastructure Engineering

Solution Architecture

SeKON takes an integrated approach, combining enterprise solutions with smart consulting services. We assess your organization’s management capacities and make recommendations to boost organizational efficiencies and employee productivity. Our solutions facilitate the retrieval and dissemination of mission-critical data throughout your organization.

IT Governance

IT Research / Development

Business Process Improvement / Re-engineering

Strategic and Modernization Planning

Financial Management Systems

Medical Coding Support

Policy Analysis

Incident and Problem Management

Requirements Management

Program / Portfolio Management

Web / Content Management Design, Operations, and Maintenance

Grant Management (Federal, State, and Local)

508 Compliance Testing and Remediation

Organization Change Management

SeKON provides agencies with a clear path to establish common standards in IT, communication, culture, procedures and measurements. We introduce innovative frameworks to improve maturity of processes and systems to modernize the user experience. Our business consultants thrive on legislation, processes, research and business modernization.

Business Consulting

Digital Media

Content Management

Web Data Analytics / Google Analytics

Website Design & Production

Digital Asset Management

508 Compliance Testing and Remediation

Mobile App Development / Delivery

SeKON, uses a data-driven website design process in which the structure, layout, content and functionality of a website is considered, based on actual usage and site analytics.