Information System Security Engineering, Cybersecurity Program Support, and Assessment and Authorization

Based on ever increasing number of stories around breaches and data loss, it is evident that in today’s dynamic threat landscape, ‘building a secure solution is just as critical as building it right’.  We collaborate to make sure that security is integral as the agency conducts business from Strategy (cybersecurity strategy Concept of Operations (CONOPS)) to Execution (procedure and task level). We promulgate cybersecurity compliance throughout the organization. Our experts interpret DoD cybersecurity Government directives, regulations, instructions, policy, and guidance such as DISA STIGS, NIST, Information Assurance Vulnerability Alert (IAVA) notifications, INFOSEC, Warning Orders (WARNORD), and Communication Task Orders (CTO). Our engineers work to develop and implement security policies, procedures, training, and security services to support the agency's cybersecurity program. We focus on three (3) primary objectives when executing the framework:

  1. Integrate requisite level of security and minimize risk to the organization
  2. Minimize the time and level of effort required to achieve the ATO
  3. Align to the most current security framework (e.g., DIACAP to RMF)


Computer with safe lock on the screen